Carpinteria Advanced Purification Project

Carpinteria Valley Water District

About This Project

Over the last several years, Carpinteria Valley Water District (CVWD) with Carpinteria Sanitary District has conducted extensive analyses into opportunities to maximize beneficial use of recycled water resources, increase local control and better ensure sustainable water supplies for agricultural, residential, and commercial purposes. CVWD is currently exploring a project called the Carpinteria Advanced Purification Project (CAPP), a groundwater replenishment effort that injects purified recycled water into the groundwater basin, creating a locally controlled, drought-resistant, drinking water supply.

Katz & Associates is privileged to support this effort and leads an interactive stakeholder engagement process.  This includes interviews with key stakeholders, strategic communication and outreach planning and implementation, project naming and logo design, website development, and creation of up-to-date informational materials. Outcomes thus far include public-friendly project definition and key messages, stakeholder discussions and engagement, two public meetings with informational materials, two fact sheets and Frequently Asked Questions and internal briefings. K&A also supported CVWD through completion of the environmental review process with public meetings and materials and will continue to be involved in implementation of the communication strategy as the project moves forward.

Community Outreach / Public Participation, Strategic Communications Planning, Water, Water Reuse