U.S. Marine Corps Twentynine Palms EIS

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps

About This Project

To meet current and future training requirements, the U.S. Marine Corps needs to acquire additional land and establish new military airspace contiguous to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, Calif. The proposal is not without controversy, however, as land areas identified for potential acquisition are publicly and privately owned, or are currently used by off-highway vehicle riders and other recreational groups. Competing interests regarding future land use created tension and conflict between stakeholder groups and the Marine Corps. K&A developed and implemented a strategic public involvement program to notify, inform and engage stakeholders and tribes in the environmental analysis process; prepared informational materials to increase understanding of the need for the proposal and manage controversial issues; and provided risk communication training to prepare the team for public and media interaction.

Community Outreach / Public Participation, Military