Santa Barbara Wastewater Outreach Communications

City of Santa Barbara
Creative, Illustration / Animation / Infographics, Print Collateral
About This Project

The City of Santa Barbara’s Water Resources Division Wastewater System has made significant strides in recent years to improve services, upgrade facilities and further protect the environment. Although the City had existing programs focused on private sewer laterals and controlling what enters the pipes from homes and businesses, K&A was brought on to inform program design, rebrand and refresh each program, and assemble informational materials for Santa Barbara’s Sewer Lateral Inspection Program (SLIP), What-to-Flush campaign, and the Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) program. Rebranding and designing a visual identity for these programs created consistency, recognition, and raised awareness across the city regarding the importance of “healthy sewers” activities and informed residents and homeowners of their responsibilities associated with sewer infrastructure.


Katz & Associates worked with the Water Resources Division to increase the level and quality of effective communication with the public regarding wastewater and its collections and environmental significance to the City. K&A created three mini-communications plans that included a visual identity, branding and collateral for each program.