Care For a Glass of Raw Water?

A recent Washington Post article discussed the growing market for raw water – straight from nature containing “the things nature intended without the chemicals, such as chlorine, often used in urban water treatment processes.”

Who would have thought that in 2018, more than 100 years after scientists discovered the importance of treating water to address sometimes deadly waterborne disease, that we would see a “health” trend praising raw water and vilifying ozonation, UV treatment, or microfiltration. The claim is that the mineral content of raw water is more robust, serving as a natural probiotic.

There is plenty of media and online coverage, from every perspective, about this topic and what on earth people are thinking. We won’t take more space addressing that debate. What we will say is that, once again, nationally-covered – and often misinformed – stories about water provide an opportunity to showcase the excellent service utilities are…

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Coming Full Circle: Craft Brewers Demonstrate Potable Reuse Acceptance

Some 20 years ago, a well-known American beer brewer decided that a Southern California water district would damage its reputation for a quality brew—aided and abetted by competitive beer makers—if that district succeeded in its plan to build a recycling plant that would return purified water to the local groundwater basin that the brewery obtained its water from and, eventually, to the drinking water supply. Two decades later, a seemingly clever but ultimately inaccurate description of this forward-looking process of potable reuse, namely “toilet to tap” (T-to-T), still resurfaces among scare mongers and sensationalists who use it as pejorative shorthand in a hearts-and-minds battle for reliable water supplies.

T-to-T remains a phrase that haunts potable reuse projects more than 20 years after it was first coined. Cartoons still appear, showing the choice of drinking from your toilet, along

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Pure Water San Diego Wins Multiple PRSA Awards


The Pure Water San Diego team won multiple awards at the 2017 Bernays Mark of Excellence Awards, hosted by Public Relations Society of America, San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter! Awards include:

  • Silver Award of Excellence for Community Relations: Nonprofit/Government/Association – Pure Water San Diego Tour Program and Open House
  • Silver Award of Excellence for Events and Observances (Seven Days or Fewer): Nonprofit/Government/Association – Pure Stone: Beer Brewed with Purified Recycled Water
  • PR Team of the Year – Katz & Associates and City of San Diego  Pure Water Integrated Team
  • Best of Show – Pure Stone: Beer Brewed with Purified Recycled Water

Congratulations to the Pure Water San Diego team!


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Derek Danziger joins Katz & Associates as New President

We are thrilled to announce that Derek Danziger will join K&A as our new President. He will be responsible for oversight and strategic direction for the firm’s three offices and 40 employees.

Danziger has more than 20 years of strategic public relations, marketing and communications experience, primarily in the public sector, and is well-known in the San Diego business community. He most recently served as a vice president at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker (NST), where he successfully developed the firm’s Public Outreach and Community Relations practice. Prior to his work with NST, Danziger served as vice president of marketing and communications for the former Centre City Development Corporation, media center director for LEGOLAND California, director of media & public relations for the Super Bowl XXXII…

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Building Resiliency Beyond
the Infrastructure

1162 Install carrier pipe_editedReflecting on time spent the first week of October in Chicago at WEFTEC, Water Environment Federation’s annual water quality technical conference and exhibition, key themes emerging from conversations on the exhibit hall floor and during sessions were: aging infrastructure, sustainability, climate change and more. As the largest conference of its kind, bringing together over 15,000 participants from around the world, it is no surprise that these themes are all top of mind for utility managers, operations personnel, financial analysts, consultants and communications officers responsible for providing critical services to their communities. And central to all of these issues was a discussion of resiliency. What does it take to be resilient? What are the core ingredients for building resiliency?

Certainly resiliency has been tested in the wake of several natural disasters across the country from flooding and hurricanes in the south…

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