Communicating Effectively About Things That Matter

We specialize in strategic communication, public involvement and community relations to help advance essential projects. Our firm is comprised of nationally recognized facilitation, public outreach and public relations experts in the areas of water resources, transportation, environmental planning, private sector development and land use. The majority of our clients are public entities implementing large infrastructure and environmental initiatives.

Our Commitment to Employee Training and Success

We give all employees an annual budget for professional development. Employees are able to choose which areas they’d like to expand their skills in and use company-provided funds to attend training courses, seminars, conferences, etc. In addition, we offer a teleworking option that helps employees reduce their commute time and carbon emissions. Eligible employees are able to choose one day per week to work remotely.

We’re an Employee Owned Firm

In 2014, K&A began an Employee Stock Ownership Plan as a mechanism for succession planning and to foster firm growth. Employees who become owners of the firm contribute to strategic decision-making and benefit from the firm’s economic growth.