EMWD Groundwater Reliability Plus (Creative)

Eastern Municipal Water District

Eastern Municipal Water District Eastern Municipal Water District
Branding, Creative, Illustration / Animation / Infographics, Print Collateral, Strategic Communications Planning, Video
About This Project

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is moving forward with an ambitious new program, Groundwater Reliability Plus, to improve the quality and quantity of the water in its local groundwater basins. The program currently includes two projects, Water Banking and Purified Water Replenishment, and it will ensure that recycled water is always provided to EMWD’s customers.

K&A is working with EMWD to launch a comprehensive education and outreach program for Groundwater Reliability Plus and its projects. As part of the outreach program, K&A has facilitated planning and branding sessions, developed a communication plan and program messages, conducted stakeholder interviews and staff trainings, developed collateral materials, and helped determine outreach priorities for the next few years. As Groundwater Reliability Plus is rolled out to the community, K&A will assist with the development and facilitation of additional outreach activities to ensure public understanding and support.

The K&A creative team has produced numerous visuals for the program including fact sheets, FAQs, videos and infographics.