Let’s all raise a glass, it’s Drinking Water Week!

At K&A, it’s a time where we celebrate the important work done by our public agency and utility partners toward managing and delivering clean, reliable water to communities across the country. K&A was founded on communications and outreach for water projects, and we are proud that today, 36 years later, we continue to work on some of the most meaningful and challenging water projects.

This year’s theme for Drinking Water Week is “There When You Need It,” highlighting the work water professionals do around the clock to ensure high-quality drinking water is always available at your tap, whenever you need it. It is also a unique opportunity for all of us to recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives.

It is a time to be inspired by the hardworking public agency and utility leadership, engineers, operators and maintenance staff who ensure our communities have clean, safe, reliable drinking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are constantly reminded of the dedication and tenacity it takes to protect public health and our environment through our water, all while planning for a viable and secure water future.

It’s a time to honor water industry innovation towards bringing holistic and collaborative solutions to water supply and quality issues and making all kinds of reuse possible. We appreciate the work organizations like American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation and WateReuse do to represent and advance our industry.

It’s a time to acknowledge that not all communities have clean water in the United States and abroad, and there is a lot of work and challenges ahead. We are thankful to be involved in organizations like Water For People who are supporting communities around the world to address water and sanitation solutions.

Lastly, it’s a time to be motivated for the future. As communicators, we have faced some of the toughest water challenges for our clients: water quality issues, drought implications, supply shortages, major infrastructure investments, rate changes and construction impacts. But taking a step back to reflect, it’s incredible to witness decisions being made and projects being completed today that will improve the quality of life for generations to come.

Cheers and may your glass be filled with clean water today and always!

K&A Water Team