Knowing Your Audience(s): Case Study

By Erin Dunlay

Working with the California Department of Insurance (CDI), Katz & Associates recently wrapped up a robust series of educational workshops for insurance agents located in several different markets throughout California. These workshops were aimed at educating agents about the state-sponsored California’s Low Cost Auto (CLCA) insurance program, and how agents can become certified to sell these policies to qualified drivers.

This is the second consecutive year that K&A has worked with CDI. The first campaign focused primarily on educating consumers about the CLCA program. However, with thousands of insurance agents licensed to sell policies in California, but only a small population of those agents certified specifically to sell CLCA policies, it became clear that consumer education alone would not be enough to significantly raise the profile of the CLCA program on a statewide level.

By developing an outreach effort that focuses on targeting agents as well as consumers, K&A is helping CDI build a program where agents actively offer CLCA as a potential policy to their customers. As a result, it becomes easier for consumers to find agents who are certified to sell these policies.

Throughout our agent education efforts this year, we have seen a marked increase in agents requesting these educational opportunities, as well as increased participation in agents selling CLCA policies. This increased awareness helps to fulfill K&A’s overarching goal of getting uninsured motorists off the road.

This agent and consumer-focused approach demonstrates the importance of knowing your audience, and in a case with third-party providers, the importance of ensuring that both the buyer and the seller are fully educated on the product.