K&A Presents First-Ever
Honorary Katz Katch Award

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever Honorary Katz Katch award recipient: Randy Hoffman from Jacobs! Traditionally, the Katz Katch award has been presented to a select few K&A team members each year who best demonstrate our firm’s core values of integrity, excellence, innovation, collaboration and passion. We are excited to now extend this special award to honor a valued partner and outreach advocate!

Randy recently retired after spending 46 years managing large water and wastewater infrastructure projects around the world! The K&A team had the opportunity to work with Randy on the Recharge Fresno Program for the City of Fresno, where Randy served as project manager for three major water projects.

As a project manager, Randy constantly challenged his teams to find creative solutions for tough engineering and construction issues, and always saw public outreach and communication as a vital component of a successful project. Even as an engineer, he took an active role in public outreach, including getting to know stakeholders, collaborating on innovative outreach ideas and encouraging construction teams to be courteous neighbors.

Thank you, Randy, for advocating for robust, meaningful public outreach on your projects, and for being a valued partner to K&A!